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Wanna know more about Monster Hunter: World?Corrections for some pieces: Tzitzi α has Stun Resistance II and Wide Range I. Tzitzi β has Stun Resistance II and small a decoration slot.

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Monster Hunter World reveal their rare drop rates |… I doubt "Monster Hunter World: The Desire Sensor's secrets revealed!" would get as many clicks.I was referencing that one screenshot comparing monster hunter with actual lootbox.Handicraft is a 3 slot decoration in the rarest table? Well, time to focus on making a charm with that skill instead. Полное руководство Monster Hunter World | Обзоры…

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Monster Hunter: World has, like, infinity billion weapons to choose from. Never fear—you don't have to try all of them. We've carefully curated the best weapons for multiplayer from each of the 14 …

Monster Hunter World: How to Get Aloy's Armor and Bow How to Get Aloy's Bow and Armor in Monster Hunter World. In this Guide we'll show you exactly how to get Aloy's Armor and Bow from Horizon Zero Dawn in the Monster Hunter World crossover event!